Care And Maintenance Of Your Mod

There are several special aspects of your Mod as far as care and maintenance that should be taken into consideration.  As far as the equipment that is used for vaping, the majority has a limited useful lifespan and will need to be replaced regularly in order to prevent misfiring and provide the best quality vaping experience possible.  First and foremost, you should keep in mind to never submerge your Mod in water or any other liquid.  Cleaning your Mod or the components of your setup does not involve fully submerging them at any point, and this will cause the unit to malfunction of not become completely unsusable.  Additionally, if you drop your Mod, there is a good chance ti will be damaged in the fall, so take care to always keep a good grip on all parts.

In the previous article, we discussed the proper care and cleaning of your atomizer or cartomizer, ensuring the connector port is clean and free of any residual e-liquid that builds up over time with regular use.  An additional considration to this regular cleaning once per week is the fact that the threading on the top and bottom of the unit must be kept clean as well.  With regular use, these threads will also accumulate debris and excess e-juice, so once per week as you are cleaning the other parts of your configuration it is also a good idea to clean these with a water dampened cloth, clear alcohol like a vodka, or even a solvent like WD-40.  Atomizers and cartomizers are generally the reason for poor performance and misfiring, and the life expectancy of these parts is usually one to two weeks depending on how often you vape.  Atomizers will usually last two weeks and cartomizers will usually last about one week.  Although you may see the parts still functioning afte the suggested disposal point, your vaping experience is usually tied directly to the performance of these parts.  They are considered disposable, so we suggest not trying to push them past their usefulness.

It is especially important when cleaning your unit to not over-tighten the atomizer or cartomizer when re-assembling the parts.  A common mistake that many people make during the maintenence procedure is to over-tighten due to the fact that most atomizers and cartomizers do not have a flush fit to the connector port.  They are designed to fit this way, and over-tightening in order to achieve a flush fit may damage the connector port and potentially short out the Mod, which will render it completely inoperable.  This mistake is quite common due to people being unaware of the way the parts are designed to fit.  When you are screwing your atomizer or cartomizer back in, make sure you only go to the point of hearing a hiss or when it begins producing vapor.  Do not go past that point or damage may be done to the unit.

When properly maintained, your Mod and all of your equipment should produce a quality vape every time.