Common Vaping Issues

Equipment care and maintenance on Mods, tanks and all the other components of vaping is necessary if you are going to get the maximum lifespan from your equipment, as well as ensuring that you have a quality vaping experience each and every time by avoiding misfires and complete failure to produce vapor.  While issues are going to come up with all equipment sooner or later, and it is all going to have to get replaced eventually, we find that cheaper and lower quality units tend to have far more issues, probably due to poor quality control in the manufacturing process.  Blue Diamond Vapors only sells the highest quality vaping equipment and e-liquids, as we believe that our customers demand quality.

Regular maintenence on the components of your setup is necessary in order to get the longest useful life from each component.  The three components of your Mod are a clearomizer, and atomizer and a battery.  The clearomizer fits on top of the battery, and is generally considered disposable with a lifespan of about two weeks.  We suggest cleaning your clearomizer every week with a solution of water and clear alcohol like vodka.  Do not completely submerge components, but instead work to simply wipe them with a towel or q-tip to remove any residual e-liquid which may have built up over time.  The places where the excess e-liquid will generally build up the most and cause malfunctions is around the threaded parts of the unit, or in the port of the battery connector.  Cleaning these areas with the same solution mentioned above will help get the most life out of each part.

If you are having problems getting vapor from your unit, make sure that the battery is coming into contact with the plate in the atomizer.  After ongoing use, this plate will sometime get pushed slightly down causing a poor connection and therefore a spotty production of vapor.  If you are experiencing this issue, try lifting the plate slightly using a tweezer or by inserting a paper clip into the hole in the plate, then lifting it up slightly.  You do not want to pry it up with force, but only lift it slightly so as to provide a better connection between it and the battery itself.  While you are there, clean the plate and the battery port itself with water and alcohol.  Do not submerge the unit.

Make sure that your battery is still functional by checking the led light to see if it comes on.  Batteries do not last forever and typically can be recharged about 300 times before they no longer are able to hold a charge.  If all of these pieces are seeming to function correctly, you may have a bigger issue that requires one of our employees to look at your unit to diagnose the issues.  Some components may need replaced.

Proper cleaning and care of your components will help to prevent misfiring and provide you with a smoother vaping experience time after time.  Contact us today to find our about which equipment we suggest, and what e-juices you should try.