Vaping For Purpose Or Pleasure

There are many different reasons that people use to discuss why they have chosen to vape.  The predominant reasons for vaping are either to quit smoking or simply because it gives them pleasure.  With regards to the many reasons that have brought people into local vape shops searching for something to satisfy them, we realize there is no such thing as a “typical” vaping enthusiast.

Stopping smoking is one of the most popular reasons to start vaping.  As a means of quitting tobacco products, the different variations of vaping prove to be able to allow for a viable substitution to the tobacco products which still provide both flavor and the nicotine that you have become accustomed to ingesting.  Smoking cigars or cigarettes involves the burning of tobacco leaves and the ingestion of a cocktail of chemicals which are quite harmful to your health.  In addition to the nicotine ingestion, you become accustomed to the ritual of smoking which serves to calm you down, provide you with mental breaks, and give you a sense of relaxation.  The rituals around smoking are actually just as difficult to give up as the nicotine itself, which is why so many people find it difficult to transition away from smoking using nicotine replacement products like gums and patches.  In this case, vaping is a very good transitional method, allowing the user to keep the rituals involved with the breathing in of nicotine by bringing a device to their.  This was the actual purpose of Blu and various other products, to as closely mimic the act of smoking as possible, however Blu usually does not offer the ability to step down nicotine ingestion accurately the way vaping from an actual personal vaporizer does.  Although it does not feel exactly like a cigarette the way an e-cig does, vaping with a vaporizer provides you with the ability to completely control the experience, and to step down from your nicotine levels over time and at your own pace.

Vaping for pleasure is another major reason that people vape.  Many people simply enjoy the flavors that are able to be transmitted through the e-liquid, many of these people choosing to actually not use nicotine carrying e-liquids at all.  In the case of vaping for pleasure, you can once again completely control your experience with levels of flavor, amounts of vapor delivered in one hit, etc.  While those who are transitioning away from smoking are using vaping as a bridge to gradually stop all together, those who vape for pleasure will generally seek bolder flavors over time, potentially experimenting with stronger deliveries of vapor until they find a level of satisfaction that makes them happy.

What ever the reason that you choose to vape, Blue Diamond Vapors carries the products and the custom e-liquid blends that are sure to satisfy you.  Our e-liquids are carried not only in our store in Las Vegas, but also on our website and in numerous partner vape shops nation wide who carry our blends.  Ask for Blue Diamond Vapors at your local vape shop today.