E Liquid

E Liquid is the blend of nicotine, flavorings, added ingredients and VG base that is utilized when vaping.  The e liquid (also known as e juice or vape juice) is vaporized in a specialized device and inhaled into the lungs, transferring liquid nicotine in a controlled amount into the bloodstream through the linings of the lungs.  Blue Diamond Vapors is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of e liquids for vaping use, and sells our products directly to the public through our website, our shop in Las Vegas, or through any of our affiliate partners.  We pride ourselves on manufacturing e liquid under the strictest standards and utilizing only the best ingredients, assuring that our customers will always have a quality vaping experience any time they use our products.

Blue Diamond Vapors e liquids are crafted in a variety of flavors, all blends using the same ingredients.  While there are some manufacturers of e liquids that create cheaper products using ingredients that are sub-standard, we take it upon ourselves to make sure all our ingredients are listed on every bottle, assuring you that the ingredients that you are taking into your body are all medical quality and food grade.  The list of ingredients in our e liquids is simple and short:

  1. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) The flavoring and nicotine is transferred to the lungs through the VG base which is vaporized by the unit.  VG is food grade and is completely safe, as a matter of fact you eat it nearly every day as it is a common food additive.  VG makes up 90% of the ingredients in e liquid.
  2. PG (Propylene glycol) A solvent that is mixed into the VG in order to produce a thicker and fatter vapor.  It is commonly used in fog machines and is considered perfectly safe to breathe.
  3. Flavorings.  These are food grade additives that give a specific flavor to the vapor that is produced.  The flavorings are the key element to the pleasant tastes that Blue Diamond Vapors customers are used to.
  4. Nicotine. We use 0%-2.4% pharmaceutical grade nicotine in our blends.  Many people choose a zero nicotine because they believe it creates a slightly more bitter flavor the higher you go.  Depending on if you are vaping for the flavor experience or the nicotine transfer will determine your preferential nicotine level.
  5. Distilled water.  Utilized only if necessary in order to thin the base.  Completely safe and harmless.

The e liquid that you choose, combined with the quality of the setup you use in order to vaporize the e liquid, will determine how good an experience you have, and how consistently you have it.  Our customers range from people just starting out, to those who have been vaping for as long as e liquids have been available.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality e liquids to the public in the best flavor combinations, all produced from ingredients that meet or even exceed the requirements to be in everyday foods.  When you are searching for a new source for your e liquid, consider Blue Diamond Vapors first!