How To Choose A Vape Shop
How To Choose A Vape Shop
How To Choose A Vape Shop

Most cities of a decent size are going to have a few vape shops, and if it is a large city like Las Vegas it could have quite a few to choose from.  When you also factor in smoke shops that sell a selection of vaping equipment, you can literally have hundreds of choices within a few miles of your house.  So a good question would be “how to choose a vape shop,” and what are the things that you should ask the shop in order to choose the best one in your area.

Several key elements should be first and foremost when choosing a vape shop, and you will probably have to visit several in your area in order to find the best one.  Of course, convenience will always be a factor (but should probably not be the only thing that you choose because of) and due to the fact that you should not need to visit the shop more than a few times a month should probably not be the main concern.  You can find lists of vape shops that are convenient to your area using Google or any of the vape shop maps that are listed on different vaping websites.  After you find a few that are around you and look good, you should probably go to online review spaces like Yelp to see what is being said about the shop by real customers.  Make a short list of the shops that interest you and then visit their websites to see if they have information on vaping and e liquids.  Look at the pictures that are posted on the attached Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to see if it seems like the kind of place that would make you feel comfortable.  Narrow your list down to three or four shops, and go visit them in person.  Here are the main things you will want to look for when you get to the shops you have chosen:

Knowledgeable Staff.  Is the staff of the shop able to give you advice on vaping and do they seem to understand the different choices in equipment and e liquids? The staff should not ignore you just because you are not friends with them, they are there to help you.  The vaping world is very social and many people who vape also have friends who vape.  If the shop seems like it is only a group of friends hanging out and the staff ignores you, find another shop.  Ask the staff some questions about their recommendations for you, after letting them know your knowledge level of vaping.  If you are new to vaping, let them know and see if they can give you good advice on where to begin.

Large, Quality Product Line.  Is there a lot of choices in vaping equipment on display?  A good vape shop will give it’s customers lots of different choices depending on their budgets and the experience they are looking for.  Vaping is very individualistic, and once you become experienced you will realize that you can use different configurations of equipment and e liquids to get exactly the experience you are seeking.  Is the equipment displayed nicely and does it look like it is well made? Are there American manufacturers on display, or is everything in the shop from manufacturers based in other countries.  Most experienced vapers will tell you that American companies provide some of the best quality equipment with the fewest problems.

Large Selection Of E Liquids.  Does the shop manufacture their own line of e liquids or do they sell other manufacturers liquids?  You should have a wide selection of flavors and nicotine levels.  The staff should be able to tell you exactly who manufactures the e liquid and where, and they should be able to give you recommendations based on what you are looking for.  Most good vape shops will let you sample the e liquids so that you can get a sense of the quality and the flavors.  The staff of the shop should have their personal favorites that they would recommend.

Is The Shop Clean and Professional? You are going to want to patronize a vape shop that is reputable, clean and professional.  The owners and staff should not only take their profession seriously, but they should be proud of what they do.  You should not feel like you are crashing a party that you were not invited to, but instead you should feel like you are in a fine restaurant where they also sell equipment.  After all, you are choosing something that you are putting into your body and are going to enjoy.  The experience that you have at the shop is going to influence the experience you have after you leave.  You should feel welcome, no matter how experienced you are.

Are The Prices Reasonable?  Lastly, there should be a selection of products and equipment that fits your budget.  Just because you do not have a lot of vaping experience doesn’t mean that you should feel like the staff is trying to sell you things that are very expensive and potentially take advantage of your inexperience.  There is equipment available that is low cost, and there are setups that are quite pricey.  If you feel like everything in the shop is either very cheap or too expensive, maybe you are not going to feel comfortable buying from them.

The main things to look for when you are choosing a vape shop are if you feel comfortable there, if the selection is good and if they seem professional.  Each person is looking for something unique when it comes to vaping, and the tone of the shop you buy from is going to either enhance or harm your experience.  You will be going back again and again to buy new juices and equipment, so look for the shop that seems like you would like to spend time there.

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February 24, 2016
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