Transitioning Away From Smoking Through Vaping

Quitting smoking cigarettes, cigars or other tobacco products is an unbelievably difficult endeavor, but it is not impossible.  Every year thousands of people successfully quit smoking tobacco through a variety of methods, the method that works for each one of them being very individual.   The desire to quit smoking is the common thread that they all share, however the method that will allow them to be successful will generally be determined by the habit itself, and what the person gets out of smoking.  Transitioning away from that habit will usually involve some sort of substitute that provides the satisfaction that the person is seeking, with an ability to scale that method of delivery back gradually over time in order to finally have zero intake.  With regards to smoking, there are generally two elements that make up the addiction, a physical need for nicotine to be absorbed by the body due to becoming used to it’s intake on a regular basis and a physical need to repeat motions with your hands and mouth.  While nicotine patches and gums have the ability to supplement nicotine into the system through their use, they cannot assist in the need to mimic the physical action of smoking, which in many cases presents just as strong a craving as the nicotine.  In this regards, transitioning to vaping is a very good bet to help these people stop smoking successfully.

Vaping is the introduction of vaporized liquid into the lungs through inhalation, that liquid containing flavorings and sometimes a level of nicotine.  Because the nicotine level is determined in the manufacturing process by it’s addition as a specific percentage of the liquid, a person has the ability to completely control the nicotine delivered in each draw from a personal vaporizer through the liquid and the settings on the vaporizer itself.  In this regard, personal vaporizers are far superior to e-cigs which contain a set amount of nicotine and a set level of delivery from the device.  Modification so as to deliver an experience that is completely satisfying is key to keeping the person from regressing back to cigarettes, and due to the inability of e-cigs to deliver that desired experience the transitioning down and away from nicotine is more difficult.  Vaping has the ability to provide a controlled stepping down while still simulating the exact experience of bringing something to your mouth and inhaling a substance, essentially making vaping a fully customizable experience that a person can control to any level necessary, and enable them to stick to the program more effectively.

Vaping itself is unlike smoking in that it does not deliver all of the chemicals and substances involved in burning tobacco when it is inhaled.  Vaping actually delivers medical grade substances that are used in inhalers that are prescribed for asthma sufferers, so you can be assured that you are not exposing yourself nearly all of the “harmful” aspects of smoking.  The nicotine delivery is within a medically clean environment, so by definition vaping is far healthier than smoking.  Transitioning away from smoking is a good thing no matter what the reason is for doing it, and using vaping to do so is the best and most effective method.