Vaping To Quit Smoking

Each year thousands of people attempt to quit smoking using any number of methods, and each year thousands of people fail  The reasons behind their failures are as varied as the methods they used to attempt to quit, but usually have a lot to do with not being able to effectively deal with the cravings that come about when a habit is attempting to be broken.  There are two aspects to addiction, the actual physical need for the chemicals that are involved in the substance that is introduced into the body, and the physical motion that has to deal with that habit.  The rituals of the habit pose just as many difficulties as the need for the chemical ingestion with regards to the habit of smoking, which makes vaping such a good method of quitting.

Vaping as a method of quitting smoking is one of the most effective, due to the fact that it not only provides an ability to control the amount of nicotine that is ingested while vaping, but also that it provides a substitution for the rituals of smoking that are closely aligned.  Many methods of quitting smoking involve the ingestion of the nicotine through a mechanism that does not mirror the ritual element, making the smoker feel as though something is lacking.  As an alternative, they attempt to substitute elements that imitate the rituals of smoking, things like sucking on lollipops or straws in order to “have something to do with their hands.” While the actual nicotine ingestion may be satisfactory for the process of weening themselves off the habit, the fact that they are ineffectively replacing the ritual elements makes the process seem unsatisfactory, and prone to relapse.  The idea behind quitting is to move towards no longer doing that activity and at the same time provide as little physical and mental discomfort as possible.  By not replacing the ritual, mental discomfort is extreme and may cause relapse.

Vaping allows the person to ingest a controlled amount of nicotine in much the same manner as smoking cigarettes, the differences being that the transfer mechanism is not burning materials but instead is vaporized liquid.  From the standpoint of the smoker, the act of bringing something to their lips and inhaling is the same, thus providing them with a physical experience much like smoking.  In addition to keeping the physical ritual intact, vaping provides the ability to gradually step down the nicotine intake in a very controlled way.  By allowing the very gradual weening off nicotine, the physical cravings can be more effectively controlled.

Vaping is considered by many to be the most effective method of quitting smoking due to it’s lower relapse rate.  Many more people who use vaping as a method of quitting actually go back to smoking than the other methods of nicotine patches or gums.  While there are many reasons for quitting and many ways to attempt it, vaping provides the controlled experience that leads to greater successes.  Try to quit today, call our shop and get started.