Vaping vs Smoking : The Facts People Get Wrong

Vaping vs smoking is a decision that is made on many levels and for a variety of personal reasons.  Of course the two most common reasons that a person would choose vaping vs smoking is that they are trying to transition away from smoking tobacco products for health concerns and have moved to vaping as an alternative that delivers nicotine without the associated harmful chemicals that smoking tobacco produces, or they simply enjoy the effects of vaping.  Whatever the reason that a person has chosen vaping vs smoking or is considering the switch, there are a few crucial facts that are commonly misunderstood by the public with relation to the choice.  The employees of most any vape shop would be able to expand on this information, and you are encouraged to visit your local favorite vape shop to find our additional information on the subject.

1.  There are two different products on the market that are both referred to as “E-Cigs” or “E-Cigarettes”

Most people who vape do not use the electronic cigarettes which are made by companies like Vuze or Blue, which look and feel like a typical “analog” cigarette.  Most vape shops do not even carry these types of products, and they are typically found in convenience stores of gas stations.  They are actually manufactured by the major tobacco companies Imperial Tobacco and RJ Reynolds, and are typically marketed as a way to stop smoking tobacco.  They are pre-filled with cartridges that must be replaced, and come in a very limited variety of flavors.  A typical vape shop will not sell these products, and will instead carry a variety of products called “APV” or “Advanced Personal Vaporizors,” “Vape Pens” or “Vape Mods.” APVs are generally manufactured by Chinese companies like Innokin, and are built to electronically control the amount of vapor produced, the power levels and other functions.  They will typically be priced under $100.

Most vape shops specialize in “Vape Mods” which are manufactured by American companies like Surefire.  Mods are built to use with rebuildable atomizers and can typically produce far more vapor than a “Vape Pen” although they also generally will have a higher price tag.  The typical transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping is first using a “e-cig” which provides high levels of nicotine and low levels of flavor, then transitioning into more satisfying vaping products like Mods as they learn more about the process.  The sales of APVs have been increasing year over year while the sales of “e-cigs” have been decreasing as people favor what is known as an “open system” where they have the ability to control their own experience and levels of flavor and nicotine delivered.

2. E-Liquid ingredients are clearly labeled, and are not a mystery.

There are only a few ingredients in most e-liquids from reputable manufacturers, and all ingredients of Blue Diamond Vapors e-liquids are clearly labeled on each bottle.  Each and every bottle of e-liquid that is manufactured by our staff is done so by hand at our lab in Las Vegas, and is guaranteed to have no additional ingredients aside from those listed.  The typical ingredients of e-liquids or “e-juice” are the base, which is vegetable glycerin.  Blue Diamond Vapors actually uses a certified organic VG, which produces vapor when synthesized but actually does not assist in flavor transfer very well.  The ingredient that assists in flavor transfer is propylene glycol, which many articles and online posts will claim is the main ingredient in anti-freeze.  The problem is that the main ingredient in anti freeze is diethylene glycol, which is a completely different compound.  While this ingredient is found in many e-cigs manufactured by tobacco companies, it is not one of the ingredients that reputable e-liquid manufacturers use.  Propylene glycol or PG is actually an ingredient in asthma inhalers, and is perfectly safe and currently sued in the medical industry in various capacities.  It is perfectly safe to inhale when vaporized.  PG is much thinner than VG and is used to carry flavor.  The rest of the ingredients are flavorings which are suspended in the PG, and they are all food-grade natural and artificial flavors.  The only other ingredient is nicotine, which is pharmaceutical-grade.  Blue Diamond Vapors offers several levels of nicotine depending on personal preference of the person vaping, ranging down to zero.

3.  Many people who vape do not use nicotine.

One interesting characteristic of vaping, which is seen as people typically transition away from analog cigarettes is that they gradually “step down” which is a way of saying decreasing the nicotine level of the e-liquid.  When a person is used to high levels of nicotine intake is as typically produced by cigarettes, they will crave high levels of nicotine in the vapor that is produced by their Mod.  However over time people will grow more used to the flavor of the vapor and crave nicotine less and less.  Some people who vape will even attest to the opinion that higher levels of nicotine do not have the same good flavor as lower levels, and as they enjoy the experience of a robust and flavorful vape more and more, they find the need for high nicotine levels being reduced.  This is why nearly every manufacturer of e-liquid offers a zero nicotine product, because the call for it is only increasing as more people realize that they are truly transitioning away from smoking.

4. Vapor is less harmful than cigarette smoke.

There have been numerous studies done on the chemical compositions of vapor and comparing it to smoke, and each side uses the studies that produce the outcome that is desired.  Many people will claim that there have not been enough studies to confirm one way or another the claim that “vapor is less harmful than smoke” but this is actually not true.  Cigarette smoke has been studied for many years and has thousands of pages of documentation on the harmful carcinogens that are produced,a s well as the harmful nature of second-hand smoke.  Vapor on the other hand produces a level of toxins that are 9-450 times lower than a drag off of a cigarette, and second-hand vapor introduces no measurable increase to the level of particulate matter that is in the air at any time outdoors.

5. Smokers can and are quitting by vaping.

There have been several studies done which track the usage of e-cigarettes or vaping mods to help smokers quit smoking.  The most important statistic is a survey of more than 2000 former smokers, 96% of whom stated that e-cigarettes or vaping mods helped them to stop smoking.  Additionally, 72% of current or former users of cigarettes stated that vaping helped them deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  The debate on vaping vs smoking is simple, the facts are in, and it is a healthier alternative to smoking.