Choosing Blue Diamond Vapors Over Cheap E-Liquids

E-liquids are available at many online shops and in more than a few locations that are not “vape shops,” such as gas stations, convenience stores and street vendors.  One unfortunate fact when purchasing these low cost e-juices is that many of the ingredients that go into the formulation of the product are potentially quite harmful, unregulated and potentially not even listed on the label.  In order to produce the lowest-cost product possible, many of these manufacturers use ingredients which are quite harmful in ingested, something that Blue Diamond Vapors is strictly opposed to.  Our e-juices are manufactured in our facility in Las Vegas, by employees who are specifically trained to our specifications, and using only the finest ingredients available.  This is the way we assure our customers that our products are the best on the market, free of any chemicals that are not listed on the label, and always consistent.  Our goal is to provide the best vaping experience possible to our customers, and we firmly believe that begins with the e-juice itself.

Our flavors of e-juice are handcrafted by recipes formulated by our staff as a result of our own personal testing.  We want to provide enjoyable blends that you will find pleasing to the palate as well as having a full bodied consistency and pleasing aftertaste.  In addition to these factors, we also strive to provide complex flavors that are not available everywhere, and do so at a price that is not outrageous.  We keep our pricing of our e-liquids affordable while still maintaining the best products on the market, which is a source of pride that our customers can count on.

Tell your friends about our handcrafted e-juices, and let them know that we are your choice of vape shop, not only here in Las Vegas but everywhere in the country.  We will never compromise our e-juice blends in order to make a few extra pennies per sale, and you have our word on it.