Our Hand-Crafted E-Juices For Vaping

Many people who vape in Las Vegas know about us, and have visited our shop on Rainbow Blvd. Many other people who are interested in vaping learn about us through social media websites like Facebook or Instagram. Many of these people are interested in where they can purchase our products, and we are pleased to offer a large selection of vaping hardware as well as our premium custom blends of e-liquid through our website and also through a variety of partners who carry our custom blends in their vape shops across the country. All of our e-liquids are made by hand in our lab in Las Vegas by a staff who are not only employees but also vaping enthusiasts themselves. This way, we can assure attention to detail and the use of only the finest ingredients, because our technicians are also customers who use our products regularly.

Our e-liquids are blended into our custom recipes through feedback we receive from you, our customers. Our goal is to always provide the blends you want, and to make them using only the best ingredients. Through this process, we can assure you that every time you purchase a product bearing the “Blue Diamond Vapors” logo, you will be receiving a product that you can trust, and one that delivers exactly the experience you expect it to.

If you own a vape shop and would like to carry Blue Diamond Vapors products in your store, reach out to us through the contact info on our website and we can discuss our wholesale pricing options. If you are a vaping customer who would like your local vape shop to carry our products, let them know to contact us and we will see if we can arrange a partnership. If you are a customer and would like to purchase the best e-liquids and vaping products on the market directly from us, just shop on our website and we will ship it all directly to you. We want to be your first, last and only choice for vaping supplies and e-liquid. We want to earn your business and we want to show you why we deserve to be called “the best in the business.” Contact us today.