Facts About Vaping That Everyone Gets Wrong (Part 2)

In part one of the article, we discussed the top two misconceptions about vaping that so many people get wrong, probably due to purposeful misleading by those who oppose vaping or simply by assuming that it is the same as smoking due to the fact that it appears the same to those unfamiliar with it.  Here are some more facts about vaping that everyone gets wrong.

3. Zero nicotine.  We are not saying that all people who vape use zero nicotine e-liquids, nothing is further from the truth.  What we are saying is that there are far more people than you yould expect who vape with a zero nicotine e-liquid.  This probably does not make sense to those who do not vape or understand why people vape, as they believe that the only reason for vaping is either to stop smoking or to replace a cigarette.  While this is the case with plenty of people, sales figures from all manufacturers of e-liquid show that the zero level nicotine products actually outsell the ones with nicotine.  Sales figures prove everything in this discussion, in that no manufacturer would waste their time making a product that did not sell.  The call for zero nicotine is huge, and obviously many people are not vaping for the nicotine transfer.  But if that is the case, then why are they vaping? Thats an easy question to answer, because they like to.  They like the feeling of the throat hit and they like the flavors that vaping provides to them (which is why there are so many different flavors being produced by so many different manufacturers.) As a matter of fact, most experienced vapers will tell you that the nicotine levels that are the highest are usually preferred by those transitioning away from smoking cigarettes as they have become used to adding nicotine to their bodies.  As you become more experienced at vaping, you begin to prefer the feeling and flavor more than the nicotine itself, even noticing a difference in flavor if there is a nicotine added.  Many people will say that they do not prefer the nicotine added flavors because they are not as smooth as the zero nicotine.

4. How harmful it is.  So many people believe that because vaping looks like smoking to the untrained eye that it must be the same and have the same levels of dangers.  Many people assume that the chemicals that are so harmful to those around smokers in the form of secondhand smoke must also be present in a vapor cloud.  Nothing is further from the truth, and exactly NONE of the carcinogens that are present in smoke are present in a vapor cloud.  The majority of the dangers associated with smoking are due to the burning of tobacco leaves and inhaling the residual chemicals that are produced by combustion.  There  is no burning of any substance involved in vaping, and as a result there is no comparable residual chemicals produced.  Vaping is the vaporization of a liquid into a gas, producing a cloud.  It does not contain any of the combustion residual substances in any measurable degree.

Stay tuned for part 3