Facts About Vaping That Everyone Gets Wrong (Part 3)

In parts one and two of this series, we were discussing the different aspects of vaping that are misperceived and are often confused with smoking.  The majority of this information is simple assumptions that are incorrect due to the fact that vaping appears to look like smoking, so it must be the same thing.  Other misconceptions are based upon faulty information which is distributed by those who oppose vaping as a practice, or want it to be regulated in the same way as smoking.  We feel that facts are more important for intelligent discussions than perceptions, so we present the actual facts about the practice of vaping so that people can make intelligent decisions about it.  The last fact about vaping is probably the most debated, and also the most important.

5. Vaping helps smokers quit smoking.  There are debates that are put forth by both sides on this issue, and each will quote from studies that have been done that will prove their point.  People on the opposing side of vaping will quote from studies that show percentage of people going back to smoking after trying vaping, or those who simply replace smoking with vaping and never actually ween themselves off the nicotine that they are trying to escape.  The fact of the matter is that vaping has a huge advantage over all other stop smoking techniques in that it deals with the mental aspects of smoking as well as the physical aspects.  People who are addicted to smoking are addicted in two ways, the mental and the physical.  From a physical standpoint, they are craving the intake of nicotine into their bodies.  From the mental standpoint, they have grown used to the physical motions and rituals that are around smoking, ranging from the feeling of “taking a break” that people who smoke get from lighting a cigarette to the repetitive motions of bringing the cigarette to their lips and inhaling.  Nicotine patches and gums only deal with the physical aspects of nicotine addiction, completely ignoring the mental aspects that are lacking when a person tries to quit.  For this reason, many smokers feel that they are not getting what they want from the technique, and quickly go back to smoking.  Vaping gives these people a way to effectively control the amount of nicotine they get in each draw off of their device, allowing them to step down very gradually in a completely controlled environment.  This way they can control the craving by weening off nicotine at their own pace instead of the prescribed pace that a patch or gum system gives you.  Also, the ritual aspects remain intact allowing you to deal with them in a controlled environment as well.  You are still bringing something to your mouth and inhaling, and you are still expelling a cloud.  In essence, it FEELS like smoking, which is something that everyone trying a different system completely lacks.  This is why vaping is the most effective stop smoking technique available, and this is why it is more healthy than cigarettes.  Even if you never stop vaping, you have chosen something far less dangerous and unhealthy from every measurable aspect.