Local Vape Shop Las Vegas

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The coronavirus pandemic has created a situation where people who would once have shopped for their favorite products in a local stores are turning to the online environment out of an abundance of caution.  Sometimes as a result of restrictions that are put on local stores as far as capacities or if they can be open at all, and sometimes simply because the customer feels more comfortable shopping from home, there’s been a dramatic shift to the online shopping environment and a reduction in the amount of in-person sales.  This is not only with respect to vape shops with all kinds of retail.  While this may only be a minor inconvenience for those who are shopping for products that they already know enough about, it can be difficult for people who are trying to find out information about a specific products before they have ever tried it.  This is why Blue Diamond Vapors has improved the retail experience to be a hybrid of both in-person and online shopping.  Our quest to be recognized as the best local vape shop in Las Vegas have brought us through the pandemic to a place where we are not only able to satisfy our customers who are shopping in our location, but also those who want to use the website for their purchases.  This is been accomplished by synthesizing the shopping experience into a single technology, with our in store sales being handled in the same way that our online sales are.  As a matter of fact, our website is the central portal for all sales whether they are in person or through the website directly.  This gives our customers the assurance that there is not a different price for online sales that would be seen by customers who prefer to shop in person.  Our prices are kept low through an innovative wholesale buying program that gives us an extensive inventory that can be sold to our customers for only a small markup.  Most people have grown used to seeing different prices online then they would see in person because the online stores do not have to cover the same types of costs that a retail location does.  Our wholesale buying program allows us to keep our location open and functional for those that meet in person advice or immediate pickup of their products, while not marking up the prices to cover these expenses.  If you want to shop on our website and have the products delivered to your car at curbside, this is an option.  You can also show up through our website and have the products delivered locally in Las Vegas within only a few hours of the purchase.  This will give you the confidence to know you will never need to run out of your favorite E-Liquids, because we’re always available and stocked with the best products.  Out of state customers can also find the lowest prices and have their purchases shipped to them within only a few days. Blue Diamond Vapors is the best local vape shop in Las Vegas, and we are convenient to everyone.