The UWELL Crown 5 Sub Ohm Tank Is Available In Las Vegas

The new UWELL Crown 5 Sub Ohm tank is available in Las Vegas, and the discriminating vape enthusiasts in the local area will probably agree that it is the best in Sub Ohm tank available on the market.  This is because of several unique features that come in the product, along with its quality materials and design.  It is built entirely from stainless steel and glass, becomes available in a wide variety of colors which will match almost any setup perfectly. The box is a hard plastic which is easily repurposed for holding extra parts after the unboxing, and the kit contains the tank, 2 coils, an extra glass reservoir and drip tip cap, as well as extra o-rings and grommets. This is because of UWELL’s commitment to quality and excellent performance, and their desire to allow for replacement of the seals that can potentially wear over time and cause juice leakage and air penetration. The Crown 5 was considered to be the top of the line Sub Ohm tank in 2022, and continues into 2023.

There are several unique features of this product, namely the child-proof locking mechanism on the fill. This mechanism spins freely when locked, giving the appearance of being loose. In fact, it works much like a pill bottle cap where it must be pushed down onto and then turned a quarter turn in order to unlock it. The same is required to put the cap back into place and locked, and the use of a grommet sealer over a check valve prevents juice and air leakage. This will wear over time and not provide as good a seal, so UWELL provided an extra one in the kit to provide a continual tight seal.  One of the most interesting aspects of UWELL tanks is the patented self-cleaning technology that they use. The atomizer absorbs the e-juice within the condenser holder, and through regular usage vaporizes it. This dramatically reduces juice leakage and also lessens the amount of times that the unit will need to be cleaned. Another feature is the exclusive Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology. This system gives vapers a more robust flavor from the juice as it properly controls the heating temperature. Also strictly managing the material quality, it “restores” the flavor to the e-liquid you are vaping, allowing for more robust flavors and complexity to be noticed. Through these unique combinations of technology, styling and performance UWELL has created a superior Sub Ohm tank, with enough replacement parts and adjustability to provide even the most discriminating user to be completely satisfied for a long time. Your tank is an investment that will allow you to personalize your vaping experience to exactly what you are looking for, and the UWELL Crown 5 is the top of the mountain for this.

The UWELL Crown 5 Sub Ohm tank is available at Blue Diamond Vapors, both in store and through the website.