Quitting smoking through vaping

Transitioning away from smoking tobacco products like cigarettes is quite difficult, and anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking has many stories about failed attempts and different methods that were tried with little or no success.  There are many studies about the addictive properties of smoking tobacco, and many will attest to the fact that it is easily comparable to heroin as far as the addictive nature and level of difficulty with regards to trying to quit.  There are two aspects to the addiction of tobacco that must be dealt with when a person is attempting to quit, the physical addiction which is the chemical reactions that are happening within the body as the nicotine and other chemicals are ingested regularly, and the mental addiction aspects which has more to do with the routines and physical movements that are adhered to by a smoker.  The transition away from smoking cigarettes, as opposed to the “cold turkey” method of completely stopping all use at a specific point, is an attempt to gradually ween a person off of the physical and mental addictive aspects of the tobacco use through a specific combination of ongoing ingestion of nicotine and physical replacements.  It is common for people to utilize a combination of nicotine replacement devices like gums, patches and pills, and generally they will do so with only limited amounts of success due to the inability to effectively control the nicotine amounts ingested, and more importantly that they attempt to replace the mental addiction with replacement items that do not closely resemble their previous smoking methods.  Many times, people will attempt to use lollipops and straws to mimic the hand position and movements that they are used to while smoking, generally leading to a feeling of being unsatisfied.

The utilization of vaping equipment to transition away from cigarettes and other tobacco products has proven to be quite successful in assisting people to eventually quit completely and not return over time.  The reasoning behind the effectiveness of vaping as a means of transitioning is that it provides relief to two of the problem areas that are encountered when attempting to stop smoking, the transfer of nicotine into the system and the “doing something with my hands” that plagues so many as they attempt to transition away.  Vaping equipment such as personal vaporizers, although they are less like the shape of a cigarette than a typical e-cig has, are actually far superior for the task of transitioning due to the fact that the nicotine levels can be so accurately controlled, and the variety of flavors at your disposal gives you more choices with which to experiment until you achieve a personal mix that provides the experience you are seeking.  As you ween yourself off the nicotine in your system, your kit can be modified to provide less and less nicotine transfer until a zero level is reached.  This system provides a person attempting to transition full control over how much they are stepping down each time, and thus giving them a greater chance for success as they are getting a robust experience.  Additionally, vaping provides the physical motions that are lacking with patches of gums, giving the person an experience that is somewhat like smoking in that they are bringing a device to their lips and inhaling.  Through these effective combinations, we have seen more successes at transitioning away from smoking and into a healthier method of nicotine transfer, eventually moving away from the habit completely.

If you are a smoker and are interested in attempting to use vaping as a means of quitting, contact us directly for advice on how to make the switch.