Vaping In Vegas

Las Vegas is like many other cities in that there is a concern on the part of it’s citizens about the protections that it provides against breathing in second hand smoke.  Many regulations are in place that limit the areas where people can smoke tobacco products due to the fact that the dangers of second hand smoke are widely documented and accepted, and people who do not smoke should not be forced to breathe the smoke of those who choose to due to the fact that it is dangerous.  Vaping is not smoking, and as a result should not be regulated by the same set of rules that defines the areas that a person can legally smoke tobacco products.

Vaping is different than smoking in that it is not the inhaling of combustible materials like tobacco.  Instead, vaping is actually the inhaling of vaporized liquid (known as e-liquid or e-juice) that contains flavorings and nicotine.  The ingredients of e-liquid are very similar to those that are found in inhalers which are medically provided to asthma sufferers by doctors, and which are considered completely safe for regular use.  In an inhaler, medicines are inhaled through a vapor which is sprayed from a container into the person’s lungs, in essence acting as a method of transferring the medicinal substance into the person’s body in a safe and effective way.  Vaping works almost exactly the same way, the only real difference being that the liquid is transmitted into vapor form through a heating element within the personal vaporizer.  After the vapor is created through heating the liquid, it is inhaled into the lungs, thus transmitting the flavorings and nicotine.

In Las Vegas, you are currently allowed to vape inside vape shops due to the fact that vaping is not being regulated under the Clean Indoor Air Act.  Under this rule, you are not allowed to use tobacco products which produce smoke inside buildings which are specified.  Due to the fact that vaping is not producing smoke, and is instead producing the same type of particulate matter that an inhaler produces, the regulation under this rule does not hold up, thus allowing people to vape within areas that are not allowed for smoking.  This does not mean that you should vape within areas that are heavily used by the public, as many people do not understand the difference between  vaping and smoking and will therefor assume that you are producing something harmful to them.  It is best to educate people as to the differences before exposing it to them, as creating a negative impression of vaping before attempting to educate someone is not a very wise way to approach the situation.  For this reason, we urge people to vape in vape shops or in areas that are designated as friendly to the practice, but to avoid vaping in areas where you may be perceived as smoking.

Vaping in Las Vegas vape shops is your legal right, and will continue to be so as long as we educate the public about vaping in a way that does not cause them to feel uncomfortable.  With everyone understanding that vaping is a personal choice that does not have a negative effect on the surroundings, we will be able to vape in vape shops for many years to come.