Vape Shop Shipping To California

Vape Shop Shipping To California

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Can I buy online vape supplies if I live in California?

The short answer is “yes” and Blue Diamond Vapors is currently selling and shipping to everywhere in California except San Francisco.

Vape shops used to be able to sell products to anyone who wanted to purchase them, as long as they were of the legal age to do so. You could walk into your favorite vape shop and as long as your ID showed that you were of age in that state, you could purchase eliquids and vape supplies. After the explosion of the vaping industry a few years ago, online retailers began to sell vape supplies online as well, and many vape shops that served a local community branched out and began selling their products to people that lived in other states, requiring an online verification system to be completed, as well as an age verification from the person accepting the package. This gave customers the ability to not only get supplies and eliquids that were not carried by their local shops, but they could also purchase products at prices that were far cheaper than most brick and mortar shops. This is because those small shops do not buy in large enough quantities from wholesalers to bring prices down significantly, or they were inflating their prices due to a lack of competition in the space. Online retailing of vape supplies gave customers the options to shop at suppliers that were outside their drive-up market, and get better prices and products as a result. Unfortunately, regulations soon started that curtailed the ability for most shops to sell online, those regulations involving the manufacture of eliquids and the regulation of vaping products within certain regions. To make matters worse, due to the lack of certainty as far as whether products could be shipped across state lines legally, FEDEX and UPS as well as the US mail stopped allowing vaping supplies to be shipped using their services. This made it nearly impossible to fulfill orders even if it was legal to purchase the supplies, and drove customers back to having to use their local shops only for their purchases.

Over the course of the last year, regulations have loosened and more specific certainty has been made available that the shipping of these products is legal, within certain boundaries. Online vape shops like Blue Diamond Vapors can once again sell to specific regions and states, and ship those purchases to the customers as long as a person over 21 will be able to sign for them once they arrive. California is always the leader as far as regulations on products like these, and many customers in California wonder if they are able to use our online system to buy from our shop in Nevada, then have the products shipped to them. All areas of California except San Francisco allow us to ship to customers, and you can rest assured that if you shop from anywhere in California except San Francisco, your vape supply or eliquid purchases will arrive at your door.