Vape Supply Shipping To Florida

Vape Supply Shipping To Florida

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Can I purchase vape supplies online and have them shipped to Florida?

The short answer is “yes” and Blue Diamond Vapors is currently selling and shipping to everywhere in Florida.

The vaping industry has changed dramatically over the last few years, beginning as a mixed method of purchase and evolving from there. In the beginning, most vape supplies were purchased in local shops that manufactured their own e-liquids and supplies, drawing from a handful of large manufacturers to supply the gear that could not be locally produced. For this reason, vape customers wanting to customize their experiences needed their local vape shops to supply the gear and juices that they wanted, or potentially order them if they were not in stock. This changed dramatically when shops began to utilize their websites to allow customer purchases, then ship the purchases to those customers at their home. Because of the ability to reduce the costs of running a shop in the brick and mortar format, the supplies and juices could be sold much more inexpensively to the customer, with even the added shipping charges not equaling the prices that would be paid in a local shop. This development brought vape supplies from all over the world directly to the consumers for low prices, opening up a world of possibilities and flavors for customers to decide was their favorites.

Like all industries, when the possibilities of access to a wide audience gets popular, the government gets involved in order to begin regulating it. They decided that not only would it be more difficult to manufacture e-liquids at local shops, it would also be more difficult to ship those online purchases to the customers. These regulations in combination with decisions from regional shippers like FEDEX and UPS to not allow vape supplies to be transported by their services, made the online vape shops a thing of the past, as customers could not ship the purchases to them. While it would have been possible to purchase supplies using an online age verification system and ID check upon delivery, the delivery services themselves decided that it would not be in their best interest to allow shipping until guidance as far as the rules was made clear by the government. Online vape shops were not able to function, and purchases went back to the local shops as the main way to get access to the supplies customers wanted. Over time, these regulations were worked out and online purchases were able to once-again be made using age verification and disclaimers that needed to be placed on all products and marketing materials. The shippers began allowing transport to certain states, and the ability to buy vape supplies online for discounted prices once-again became possible. Sellers like Blue Diamond Vapors, who specialize in low prices and hard to find manufacturers were once-again allowed to bring their supplies directly to consumers in different states. Even though we are located in Nevada, we can now sell directly to customers in places like Florida, as long as a person over 21 is there to accept the delivery.