What Are The Differences Between Personal Vaporizers And E-Cigs?

It has been well documented and established that choosing to vape over the use of tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars has benefits, namely in the fact that you are not actually ingesting any of the harmful chemicals that are produced when tobacco is burned and inhaled into the lungs.  When a person vapes, they are utilizing a special device that causes a special liquid called e-juice or e-liquid to turn from a liquid state into a vapor state, at which point it is inhaled into the lungs much the same way that a person suffering from an asthma attack uses a personal inhaler.  As a matter of fact, many of the ingredients that are contained within the e-juices used in vaporizers are the same as inhalers, and e-liquids purchased from reputable vape shops will even use medical grade ingredients, which are exactly the same ones used in inhalers.  The only ingredient in common with traditional tobacco products is nicotine, which some e-liquids actually lack.  Whether you are vaping for the nicotine or the flavor, you can rest assured that vaping is not the same thing as smoking tobacco, and is far less harmful to your health.  As a result, many people find that switching to vaping from tobacco provides them with the nicotine that they crave, allowing them to transition away from smoking more easily than using nicotine replacing gum or patches.  While the benefits of vaping are obvious, it is still not very well understood by the public the differences between vaping products, and specifically the differences between personal vaporizers and e-cigs.

electronic-cigaretteE-cigarettes have traditionally been the go-to device for smokers transitioning away from tobacco, and they were specifically designed to have the same look and feel of a cigarette.  By providing a product that had so much of the same feeling and look of smoking, the person utilizing the device would feel less like they were not getting the experience they were so used to, and potentially there was a psychological benefit to the familiarity aspects of e-cigs which would keep the person from reverting back to cigarettes.  The e-cig device itself was invented by Hon Lik (a Chinese pharmacist looking to transition people away from the dangers of smoking) in 2003.  His creation was a small device that looked like a cigarette, but instead contained a batter, a cartomizer (a combined cartridge and atomizer) and the mouthpiece.  The device even featured a glowing LED light at the tip, which had no functional purpose except to mimic smoking itself.  The cartridge in the device was the storage tank for the included e-liquid, and was disposable once it was emptied.

The advantages vs disadvantages of e-cigs are obvious.  The look and feel of smoking may be perceived as either an advantage or disadvantage, as the psychological aspects may be helping the ex-smoker transition more effectively, however the look may also lead others to believe the person is smoking.  Although there are ways to refill an e-cig cartridge, they are generally considered disposable, however the difficulty in telling if the cartridge is nearly empty may provide an experience that is unwanted, the battery life is quite limited, the nicotine delivery is inconsistent and if you do decide to refill you can only utilize cartridges made by the e-cig manufacturer, thus limiting flavor choices and nicotine levels to those manufactured.

Personal vaporizers are a relatively new introduction to the world of vaping, only having gained popularity within the past three years or so.  The sales of vaporizers is growing significantly, and isvape measured at roughly twice the rate of increase that e-cigs are showing.  Personal vaporizers make up roughly 50% of the sales of vape equipment, and show nothing but increasing popularity.  A vaporizer looks more like a fountain pen or a box with a straw attached, and are far more advanced than traditional e-cigs with regards to customization and flavor/nicotine delivery.  The vaporizer itself is made up of a large battery, a refillable tank and a mouthpiece.  By pressing a button on the side of the battery, a heating element is engaged which vaporizes the e-juice and delivers a vapor which is inhaled.  The advantages vs disadvantages of personal vaporizers are that the battery lasts far longer, the tank is easily refilled with any e-juice that is desired, the nicotine delivery is smoother and the tank is easily read to see if it is low, and in the long run they are cheaper than e-cigs due to the ability to be refilled.  The only disadvantages are they are slightly larger than e-cigs, they must be refilled when empty and potentially do not appear much like smoking to observers (if the goal is to look as much like smoking as possible.)

At the end of the day, the choice between an e-cig and a personal vaporizer is going to depend on you as a consumer, and what you are looking for from your vaping experience.  We find that the majority of experienced vapors will gravitate towards personal vaporizers over e-cigs due to the ability to customize the unit and the process, along with the far larger choices at your disposal as far as e-liquids.  When you are ready to step up to personal vaporizers, browse our large selection of vaping equipment, or visit our learning center to read suggestions.  You can also contact us directly by visiting our location in Las Vegas or calling us on the phone.