Las Vegas & Vape Shops

While there are many vape shops in Las Vegas, there are many shops that are not specialized in vaping equipment and e-juices that do sell some vaping items.  It is important to know the difference between a specialized vape shop and a tobacco shop or convenience store that sells a few vaping items, and if you are serious about having a good vaping experience then to only patronize a vape shop that is reputable and can provide the answers to questions that you may have.  Personal vaporizers are very different than typical e-cigs in that they are adjustable and have the ability to be customized with different flavors and nicotine levels of e-liquid.  E-cigs generally are not adjustable and are pr-loaded with a specific type of liquid, thus not allowing the aspects of customization that are so important to those who vape regularly.

An e-cigarette is typically a device that is utilized to bridge the gap between smoking cigarettes and not smoking at all, used by those who desire to ween themselves off tobacco products but who are not able to stop completely.  The e-cigarette gives this person the same look and feel that they had when they were smoking tobacco, but replaces that tobacco with vaporized liquid.  While this is a fine tool for transitioning away from smoking as it helps with the physical and mental aspects of holding a specifically shaped item and using it the same way you would tobacco,vaping is actually quite different in that it is embraced by people who are both trying to quit tobacco but also those who enjoy the practice of vaping.  Because these people enjoy the practice, they are provided with ways to customize their experience to be more toward their liking instead of simply a product on a shelf.  Unfortunately, the tobacco shops which sell some vaping equipment or the convenience stores selling e-cigarettes are not going to be able to provide you with the information you need in order to actually get the most out of the equipment and e-juices at your disposal.  Only a specialized vape shop is going to be able to provide you with not only the equipment itself but also the technical knowledge of how to use it so as to get exactly the experience you are seeking.

Because there are so many combinations of vaping equipment, tanks, Mods, juices and batteries that make up the entire vaping experience, it is quite difficult and intimidating to attempt to purchase your first set up if you have no guidance.  You may understand the basics of how it works, but the actual recommendations of experienced vaping people who use the equipment on a daily basis, as well as the recommendations of flavors and nicotine levels in juices are many times the difference between having a good and bad experience, and if the person will continue vaping or go back to cigarettes.  If you are transitioning away from smoking or are interested in experiencing a new level of vaping beyond the basics, stop in to Blue Diamond Vapors and ask our staff what they recommend.