Local Vape Shops

This is not a commentary on the local vape shops around the Las Vegas area, where Blue Diamond Vapors is located.  Instead, it is a discussion of choosing a local vape shop to patronize or purchasing your vaping supplies online.  While there is nothing wrong with purchasing online, we would always suggest getting the opinions of experts in the vaping industry so as to be sure that you are getting the right equipment to provide you with a good experience.  People who are just starting out are prone to having bad experiences wither through equipment failures due to purchasing sub-standard equipment, or not having a good experience simply due to the fact that they do not know how to control the device or choose a good e-liquid.  While these things are able to be learned, there are so many different aspects that can compromise your initial experiences that it might be better to patronize a local vape shop in your area, so as to at least try some products and get advice from people who vape on what to purchase.

Unfortunately for some people in rural areas, access to a local vape shop might be unavailable.  For this reason, we happily take phone calls, emails and social media discussions from customers who want to ask us about vaping and what they should buy.  Our shop is located in Las Vegas, but we have the ability to provide advice worldwide!  Additionally our line of e-liquids is priced to not put so much of a commitment onto our customers that if they do not like it they are stuck.  Our e-juices are manufactured at our lab in Las Vegas to the highest quality standards in our industry, so if you order our juices we can assure you that the flavor is going to be the only thing you might not like.  Luckily, we have lots more choices that you can pick from if you don’t like the one you chose.  However, this is one of the reasons to visit a local vape shop in order to personally try some of the variations on flavors and get a sense as far as what you like and what you do not like.  While some people like the sweetness of a dessert or a fruit flavor, others prefer the coolness of a nicotine and are not fans of the sweet ones.  All of these personal choices are a good reason to visit your local vape shop.

The equipment you purchase will also generally be of higher quality if it is sold from a reputable vape shop.  The largest complaints come from customers who have found that purchasing cheap or knockoff equipment results in vaping experiences that are not consistent, or having the equipment completely fail leaving them with  no means to vape.  A reputable vape shop like ours chooses only to sell merchandise that we would use ourselves.  If you need advice you can contact us during our business hours, and if you want to sample our e-liquids in your local vape shop have them send us a request to carry our products.  We are the leading vape shop in Las Vegas, and we hope we can be your choice as well, no matter where you are located.